Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lego - King's Musketeers and Cardinal's Guards

A while ago, Lego sold a nice minifigure of the classic King's Musketeer in one of their minifigure series and I - a known fan of all things 17th century - could not keep my hands off of them. Later, they also released a swashbuckler figure, but I was dismayed by the lack of a nice set of Cardinal's Guards to face off with my Musketeers.

In order to correct the problem, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Over a couple of months, I bought a few more Musketeer minifigures, some weaponry (a musket and two musket pistols), a set of plain red torsos and glossy printable sticker paper. Then I spent an hour or two designing a nice red tabard to decorate my Guards and finally managed to print them out in the correct size to fit the torso pieces.

The only problem with Lego's original Musketeer minifigure is the sword belt that runs over the tabard (tabards go over everything else) and I chose not to repeat the mistake with my Guards.

The results are visible in the accompanying pictures (click to enlarge). Personally, I'm very happy with them. Finally, I can procrastinate by recreating the duels between the Three Musketeers and Cardinal's Guards on my work desk when I should actually be writing... ;)

On request, here's the design. I tried to fit two coats of arms on one sticker (didn't quite manage), so that's why they are set like they are in the image. But edit and print them the way you want!