Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review: El Cazador by Chuck Dixon and Steve Epting

El Cazador is one of the rare pirate themed graphic novels that I have had the luck of getting my hands on. It is also one of the best depictions of the golden era of piracy that I've had the honour of reading. It's only downside? The story was never finished.

The story begins with a pirate captain Blackjack Tom attacking a Spanish galleon and killing most of its crew. The only ones left alive are an elderly woman and a young boy, both of whom are captured to be ransomed later. Oh, and a beautiful Donessa who hides away in the prize ship and seizes control of it as soon as possible - and vows to hunt down Blackjack Tom and rescue her mother and brother.

The graphic novel is beautifully drawn and the writers are clearly knowledgeable of the era and seagoing terminology. Sure, the story depicts a romanticised view of the era, but it is violent and gritty. And, what's best, there are no fantasy elements in sight.

It is a pity that the publisher folded before this series could be finished. As it is, the story ends in a cliffhanger that will have you hoping against hope that it might still be continued one day. But don't let it stop you: go and read it!