Sunday, 18 May 2014

Review: Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds

Graeme Reynold's High Moor was a bloody werewolf horror story, where the horror was mostly based on gruesome descriptions of werewolves killing and devouring children.

The second part of the trilogy continues directly from where the first one left off. The Pack works hard to hide the existence of the werewolves from humans, but that fight is proving more and more futile as the story continues.

I was dismayed by the author's eagerness to kill children in the first part of the trilogy and unfortunately this tendency continues in the sequel: every time the author feels the need to show how bad some werewolf is, they go and slaughter kids - the younger the better. In addition to being very unsettling, this is also getting very predictable.

Other than that, the story continues at a fast speed, pumping action upon action - perhaps too much so.