Thursday, 17 April 2014

Review - Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand's Wolf Hunt is an entertaining ride with two thugs who make their living breaking people's thumbs. Their latest mission, however, turns out to be the transportation of a man believed to be a werewolf to a crime boss. Not believing in such monster tales, the duo quickly find themselves in trouble.

The biggest problem I had with the novel was the abrupt manner in which it changes in tone after some 20 % or so. It started with light banter between the protagonists, then between them and the man they are transporting. Then, suddenly, it turned very violent with the werewolf spilling the blood of innocents with wild abandon. I really was not expecting such a switch in tone, given how the story started.

The concept of the werewolf is the classic monster: no matter who is turned into one, they are violent, mindless killers. As such it did not offer anything new or interesting in that regard.

Overall, the story is filled with action and there are not many peaceful scenes in the mix. For me, it was a bit too action-oriented, but if you are looking for something light (other than the violence) and quick, this is certainly worth a read.